In Aloe Park, you can see the plantations of Aloe Vera, a plant known worldwide for its innumerable uses in cosmetics and pharmacology, with proven effectiveness. From these crops, we obtain the raw material that is included in all the products that we make. At the Park, you are given a detailed explanation of why it is beneficial and how it is processed.

It is not only Aloe Vera that you learn about. During the park tour, there are several informative explanations about the native flora of the Canary Islands, tropical fruits, the different stages of banana cultivation, the use of cochineal, etc. You can also appreciate a huge collection of cactus and observe various farm animals here.

Through the mock-up, made with volcanic rock, which represents the southern part of the Tenerife Island, the visitors can learn about the water problem in the Canary Islands and its catchment through infiltration galleries.

Other attractions include the “gofio” mill, the main food of the Canary Islanders since time immemorial, and the exhibition of various farming tools, machinery and traditional utensils that were used on the Canarian fields in the past.


Guided tours

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:30-16:30.

We provide samples of the products that we make and we have a shop at the farm itself from where you can buy these.






922 72 04 03 / 922 72 03 60

Camino Bananera, 16 CP:38627 Buzanada (ARONA).




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Camino Bananera, 16 CP:38627 Buzanada

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