Finca Las Margaritas started to cultivate bananas in 1977 when two different households came together with the marriage of Adolfo Guerra and Margarita Hernández. Both came from a long family tradition of banana farming on the island of La Palma. The plantation is housed in greenhouses and has integrated production facilities. 98% of the plantation is used for growing bananas (Gran Enana and Gruesa Palmera varieties) with the other 2% being fruit trees: papaya, avocado, mango, and others. The EL CUARTITO barn is set up to be used as a rest area, with workshops, tastings, an exhibition, and shop.

Our tour offers a combination of several different experiences, giving you a unique visit with lots to learn: NATURE, CULTURE, AND LAND, the geography and history of the Arona district, environmental education, and traditional culture, as well as learning about the different farming tasks involved in banana cultivation.



Guided tour with tasting


Our guided tours give you the opportunity to learn about bananas and banana culture. We offer group tours (and self-guided tours for independent visitors) with a large amount of educational content, which involve a short accessible walk. At the end we will take a rest at El Cuartito and have a banana tasting session as well as tastings of other complementary products. We then have a demonstration on how ‘gofio’ (a type of flour made from toasted grains) is made in the traditional way.






38631 Las Galletas

S/C de Tenerife, islas Canarias.

Tel: (+34) 617 696 045






Our Address:

38631 Las Galletas S/C de Tenerife, islas Canarias

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