The location of Hoyos de Bandama Winery has its origin in one of the wineries of the De la Coba family, which is now more than 300 years old. The Hoyos de Bandama Winery is currently experiencing a new phase in our long history, where everything is new since the winemaking technology has come a very long over the years, and where the ancient means only have an archaeological, ethnographic or historical value. We have invested in a new winery with a capacity for 100,000 kilos of grapes, where we can produce different proportions depending on the grape that enters the winery.

In addition to the facilities housing the fermentation equipment, this winery also has American, French and European oak barrels for the ageing of the wines that are deemed suitable. The cold, the fermentation and the ageing, essential in every winery, are very well endowed in these facilities.

The new facilities of the old winery have all the modern equipment to produce quality musts and wines, starting with a cold storage room with a capacity for 20,000 kilos of grapes -thus avoiding the daily destemming processes, reducing them to a once a week- followed by a destemmer, a 500-kilogram grape exchanger, tanks of various capacities from 10,000 kilos to 1,000 kilos, isotherms, oxygen injections, etc.

We have high expectations on our oak barrel room with a storage capacity of 300 m2 because there is no good wine without oak.

To finish, we have a semi-automatic bottling machine with a capacity for 1,000 bottles/hour. We no longer have to wait so long to savour our delicious wines.



Guided tour with tasting

(Tasting with three different options to choose from).

Timetable: Wednesday to Sunday inclusive from 11:00 to 16:00

The products can be purchased at the winery.




Hoyos de Bandama Winery 


Camino a la Caldera, 36. 35300

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Islas Canarias

Contact: Irene / María Delgado: 928 35 38 93





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