At the foot of the Tamadaba cliffs in the Agaete valley, below the hundred-year-old pine forests, and next to the paths trodden by indigenous people in pre-Hispanic times, sits the Finca de La Laja, famous for its oranges, coffee, and now, its wine. The listán black vines are planted and cultivated using traditional methods by the Lugo-Jorge family, who aim to bring back the region’s traditional farming and winemaking methods, resulting in a truly unique product. The dedication and care put into production produces a red aromatised wine, impregnated with the scents and flavours of the valley. Tradition and modernity mix and merge in a wine, that when you savour its flavours, will evoke the environment, its special light, its dry wind, and the rain that falls on the ancient cliffs. You can taste the stunning nights lit by the full moon, the extraordinary starry skies, as well as the shade of the nearby cliffs darkening the farm at twilight, which has been captured by artist Pepe Dámaso from the Canary Islands in his work for the bottle’s label.

The location of the vineyards, almost at sea level, in the hollow that forms the Agaete valley, protects them from the saltiness of the sea breeze. Being located at the foot of the Tamadaba mountains, which gave their name to the wine previously produced by the Lugo-Jorge family – Sombras del Tamadaba (Shade of the Tamadaba), almost exclusively sold at the local market, also gives the grapes protection against the strong trade winds characteristic of the area. The winds’ most famous creation is the  Dedo de Dios (God’s Finger). This blend of characteristics, plus the will of the owners and elves that roam around the place, all combine to offer an unbeatable product, with a subtly different flavour to any of the island’s other wines



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