It is a small family artisan cheese factory, which produces cheese from raw goat’s milk.

Our speciality is paprika and oregano cheese, which are the special aromas of the island of La Gomera. We also have a variety of smoked cheeses, semi-mature and some gourmet types such as wine cheese.

The dairy is at the foot of the natural area of Mahona in the municipality of San Sebastián. Here traditions and customs of La Gomera are preserved from pre-Columbian times (before the arrival of Columbus).

Our product is made always safeguarding quality and tradition.

Today La Cabezada cheeses are marketed in various points of La Gomera and other islands with a good level of acceptance, which is why every day we strive to optimise innovation in the preparation process in order to achieve maximum satisfaction of our customers.

As an important point, we want to emphasize that the cheese obtained the First Agrocanarias 2008 award.

Our farm receives group visits with a reservation.



Guided visit with tasting



The visit includes:

– Welcome with an explanation of the location and of what you will see inside.

– Display of Aromatic plants.

– Tour of the stables where the animals are kept: pig, chickens, goats, kids.

– Tour of the goats milking area.

– Tour of the cheese factory.

Here there will be an oral explanation of the cheese making process, ripening, applying herbs of the different varieties of oregano, paprika, etc., and of the machinery used.


Finally, you can taste cheese and other products from La Gomera such as gofio, palm honey, and almogrote.

Throughout the tour, you will be able to photograph the animals and enjoy the beautiful views of Mount Teide and the summit of Garajonay.





La Cabezada S/N, La Gomera,

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Islas Canarias

Tel: +34 639 119 915 – +34 628 790 459






Our Address:

La Cabeada S/N, la gomera

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