The Salinas de Fuencaliente salt mines settle on one of the most beautiful parts of our Island. A blanket of pyroclastic and flow of tracks that remind us of the recent eruptions. The last salt mine complex of the Canary Islands is built on this ground. If the distortion of the factory is minimal, the contrast is extreme, the blinding whiteness of the salt placed in balaches, the pink puddles and pits, the range of greens resembling small strokes, all this is reflected in the form of a large black canvas background resulting from a capricious nature. The coastal cliff marks the limit and combination of different natural elements for the transformation to take place.

The Fuencaliente salt mines represent the effort made for the persistence and perseverance to maintain a legacy. The work involved in producing salt the traditional way, not without certain romanticism, is in the hands of the Hernández Villarba family. A company that began its activity back in the sixties by the father of the current owner.

After weighing the different more suitable sites to produce salt, its construction is decided in the area known as Punta de Fuencaliente, near the lighthouse, where each and every one of the elements involved in salt production come together, a system of moderate winds, scarce rainfall, a sufficient number of hours of sunshine.



Dining experience amongst the salt mines and volcanoes







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